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can someone pls help me on my garden?

well, i plan to put a garden, landscape or deck, anythig that would make our backyard a nice place to pass time, we have a small lot, 21 x 21 meters. i'd give 100 sq. meters of it for the garden or deck, or anything great to be put on it and its perimeter, i dont like walls and just putting bushes around our lot. please help me, thanks. hope i could see some pictures and ideas and some plans would surely boost my imagination. thank you (o;


  1. consider a rock garden with a man made water fall.They can be very beautiful and also are quite relaxing to be near.
  2. Please go to www.bhg.com (Better Homes and Gardens). They have detailed garden plans there. Plus, the DIY www.diy.com (Do It Yourself Network) which is part of BHG, also has garden plans. They even tell you what the flowers are, and where to place them. Have fun!
  3. If I had a choice, I would start with the deck. Actually, I would start with a screened deck, if money wuz not an issue. After you complete that project, plant small shrubs against the deck. Pink almond is great. It doesn't get too big, and it has beautiful carnation shaped pink flowers in the spring. Plant annuals in front of the small shrubs. Begin with tall, and end with short. Choose colors that suit your personal taste. Finally, plant a variety of daffodils around the outside border. They are the first to bring color and new life to spring. Good luck!
  4. Try some native plants to your particular location. They'll do well for you with not too much effort. Also a nice deck or patio with a swing for relaxing & looking at your new garden.
  5. There's a beautiful plant called a Hosta. They prefer shade, but can do well in sun, too. They have large, broad leaves. The varigated (multi-colored) are nice. They do well around boarders or sidewalks. They send up a tall shoot that gets small white or purple flowers on it. They are perennials.
  6. fragrant herbs (and flowers) such as lavender and rosemary (evergreen) are easy to care for and soothing and relaxing to sit near; can both be potted but Rosemary can grow to a large bush. A trellis with climbing roses, honeysuckle, sweet pea (for a quick fix until other climbers mature), etc... is a useful way to add structure (height), and give privacy/shade. There is a great variety of small water features one can place anywhere now. Instead of decking have you considered a mosaic-style courtyard? you would then have year round interest parsley is a biennial, the 2nd year will produce seed, also will 'bolt' if dry, so keep moist and in shade last year I got 6 plants, the ones that grew best (2 ft high) were in shade most of the day, the ones in full sun stayed small Peppers need lots of sun and warmth, unless in a southern area will need a green house, the best small veg to grow now are raddish and lettuce, lots of varieties, some can grow well into Autumn TRY THIS SITE: www.bbc.co.uk/gardening
  7. Instead of a deck, consider installing a brick paver patio- they do not require the annual upkeep associated with a deck and can be treated to prevent fading or dullness of the brick. Also, they can be considerably cheaper than a deck.