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We need paint color ideas,a way to conseal an odd back wall & decorating ideas for our new deck , HELP PLEASE?

Our covered deck will be stained med to dark brown & is inclosed with framed lattice at the ends & below the railing across the front.I want to decorate it to look cool,cozy & very relaxing. Is there any place on the web with pictures that show decor ideas for decks.I also need to conseal some things that don't match on the back wall,like 2 kinds of sidding.We couldn't find sidding to match our old sidding when they tore off an old loundry room to make room for the new deck.The deck is really great but the 21' back wall is an eye sore. Any decorating & consealing ideas would be great.I'll be putting Kills out side primer on in the next few days.We have a round green glass top table & long white table to serve food & a gas grill at the other end .Hot & cold running water,electric lights & safe water proof plugs . .I like silk flowers , need all the help I can get,the back wall looks blau now . Thanks loads for your help & God bless .


  1. You can paint vinyl siding; just make sure you use the proper type of paint. (http://www.hometips.com/cs-protected/guides/paint.html) With dark, warm colored wood trim, I would opt for a soft, cool color to paint that wall. Try Home Depot's web site. They have many home improvement ideas and options. homedepot.com Good luck!
  2. You can paint that 21 feet of siding to get a closer match to the rest of the siding. It's only 21 feet, not the whole house...... You could take the trellis material or even vinyl trellis material and cut it and frame it to make trellis panels: something like these: http://www.homestead.com/gardenplanter/trellis.html or http://www.backyardcity.com/images/LCT/Wood-White-Arch-Trellis-large.jpg and put these against the weird wall. Then having an off under color won't be so noticeable. Maybe an object of art....or a wall hanging or free standing fountain between the trellis panels, don't forget decorative lighting, etc. Does your deck have a focal point? Is it outside the deck or on the deck. If outside, then decorating should turn attention towards the outside focal point......an unusual tree, flower garden, etc. If nothing outside the deck, then your weird wall could become a real show stopper.
  3. As someone already answered, you can paint siding making sure you use the correct type of paint and you prepare the surface properly. Or then again, you could plant some Boston Vine at the bottom of the wall you want to conceal. Boston Vine grows quicly, has beautiful huge leaves that turn the most amazing color of red in the fall. This will conceal your wall nicely. Sounds like a nice place!