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What are the tools needed to start a garden?

I am going to start a small garden. I just came from wal*mart...I had nooooo idea what to get or if i was getting the right tools......Can you help me?? by small i mean 4x8 feet or 5x10 feet and i bought a rotating excavator....did i waste my money?


  1. potting soil, pots, fertilizer, water, maybe a watering can, but definately water, gloves, seeds or plants, sunlight, and time
  2. How small is small? You might not need anything more than a garden spade if it's just a few feet. If you want to work efficiently you will want a hoe (to break up the soil and get it loose before planting), a spade, a watering can/long hose.... that's all you really need.
  3. all your needs are shovel, garden rake, and a pointed hoe. accessories would be a four pronged weeder. that's it. ggod luck.
  4. Gardening gloves. The first hand tool you'll need is something to protect your hands. Fingers that are unused to gardening can quickly develop blisters. In addition, gardening gloves will protect your hands from sharp sticks and stones in your first garden as well as prickly leaves and stems. Garden kneelers. When beginning gardening, don't overlook the stress that digging, weeding, and even harvesting can place on your knees. Garden kneelers can be as simple as a piece of Styrofoam. Kneeling mats are also sold especially for gardening or you may choose to invest in kneeling apparel that you won't need to carry from place to place in your garden. Long handled shovel and/or garden spade. Shovels are great tools for digging new ground and distributing compost on old ground. They're also great for shoveling piles of garden debris into your wheelbarrow. Garden spades are excellent tools for planting and for getting to the bottom of a problem weed. Although you won't use shovels or spades everyday, once you have them you'll find they are indispensable. If you don't have them, you'll find that at some point you'll wish you did! Garden Rake. Unlike your leaf rake, the garden rake is a sturdy rake, usually with short, strong steel teeth. You'll first use your garden rake to smooth and level your newly tilled garden. Throughout the growing season, a garden rake is a handy implement for keeping soil between rows loose and weed free. Garden Cart. Garden carts haul refuse away from and haul compost to your garden space. Garden carts come in many styles from four-wheeled models that have shelves or attachments for holding small hand tools to the traditional three-wheeled wheelbarrow. A garden cart for your beginning garden may be as simple as your child's coaster wagon. Garden Hoe. You'll need to keep soil loose and weeds away from your plants. It's much easier to hoe a row in your garden while standing than going from plant to plant on your knees. In addition, a garden hoe can be used to outline rows for transplants and make rows for seeding your beginner garden. Hand Trowel. A hand trowel can take the shape of a short handled garden hoe or a garden cultivator with several long prongs. Hand trowels are especially useful for getting in close to weed and aerate delicate cultivars without damaging the plants. Gardening shears. As well as trimming plants to keep them looking good, gardening shears are handy for removing damaged areas of plants to keep them healthy. Flower gardeners will certainly want to keep a pair of gardening shears nearby for cutting fresh bouquets to bring indoors. You'll also use your garden shears to cut back your hardy perennials at the end of the growing season. Garden Hose. The essential possession for beginner gardening, you'll use your garden hose to water individual plants after planting and wash loose soil from sidewalks, driveways, and paved garden paths. In addition, you'll use it to hose off other garden tools, including your most important garden tools, your hands. In the summer, you may want to attach a sprinkler to your garden hose to irrigate your garden or to provide an afternoon's entertainment for your children under the hot summer sun.
  5. i would say just a small shovel, gloves, and a bag of fertalizer , if you were on a budget get a bag of epsom salt, works great , i use it !!
  6. Hi Jaydee! Every one here has great answers, and good luck with your new garden. There are how ever two tools that every one forgot to mention: A strong back and a patient mind! Lots of luck!
  7. a brain...