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How do I start an Herb garden?

Thanks to all the people who helped me with my last question about medical herbs. But now i want to start a small garden in my room. My room is small but roomy it has white walls and a window seal large enough to set a small plant on it. (I watched a video and he said that white walls and windows help...?) Any ideas on how to start it?? My main questions are: What type of light i need? What plants can i get in Kentucky Where could I find any supplies for it? Any answer is greatly appreciated:) Thanks.


  1. The white walls will help it keep brighter for the plants which does help. At a local hardware store or a chain store like lowes or home depot, buy a window seal planter that will fit on the seal(a rectangular one, about 6 inches deep and wide), some potting mix, and the herb seeds you'd like to plant( burpee and ferry-morse are highly reputable, american seed company also if you can find them). Basil, cilantryo, chives, all grow super easy from seeds and don't need much space. Closer to spring you can buy the plants and plant in the container, so if you don't feel confident in trying seeds just wait. Verigated basil is ornamentally appeasing as well as useful. Oragano is best bought. The seed starting varies, so check the package instructions. A flourescent light about 6in from surface is great for starting seeds, move it higher as they sprout. Also keep soil medium moist while sprouting. Brush seedlings lightly with hand to help grow strong stalks. When started move to the bright window seal and enjoy. If south facing it may be necessary to shade plants towards afternoon to prevent sun scald
  2. You can grow sunloving herbs on your windowsill. Use a good potting mix, and make sure the spot does not get too hot. If it does get a lot of direct sunlight, move the planter to a spot where it is warm and gets a fair amount of sun at some point during the day. Good window sill herbs include basil, parsley, thyme and oregano and chives. Keep them well watered and if they start growing towards the light, turn the planter completely around. They will then grow back the other way.
  3. Check out this website. It has lots of information on growing herbs.