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Does anyone have any tips for gardening in north Florida?

I want to start a small garden and grow squash, zucchini, corn, tomatoes, peas, watermelon, and morning glories. The tomatoes and peas and 1 pot of morning glories would be on my porch. The rest would be around my trailer. I was planning on using morning glories as a bug repellent. What are some other natural bug repellents? I don't really like the idea of using chemicals.


  1. Garlic and onions are a natural repellent for ants. Rosemary repels many flying insects (including flies and mosquitoes). When I plant garlic or shallots with my tomatoes, the vines grow much faster and thicker. Plant icicle radishes (let them go to seed) and yellow nasturtiums in with your zukes and melons to repel insects. Marigolds repel nematodes. Which kind of peas, green or "southern"? Don't plant any member of the onion family around beans or peas. The vines will be stunted. Green peas get some protection from insects by planting them with geraniums or aromatic herbs. Southern peas like to be planted with cucumbers, corn, petunias, and radishes. Good luck!