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How do I keep my little dog from falling? ?

I just recently moved into a second floor apartment with a patio. I also have a little 5lb chihuahua. The patio has bars that have spaces in between them that are 4-5 inches apart, easy for her to fit through. If any one has any suggestions or ideas or actual things they've done to keep their little pets in, please let me know !!! Thank you.


  1. Get a baby gate, they make them for dogs. put it in the door way so you can still leave the door open and the chihuahua won't get out. Good luck! =) hope it helps.
  2. We have the same situation with my TFT puppy. She is 2 lbs and very slender so she can fit through about anything. She learned how to slip through the baby gates we set up >_< I would cover the spaces, as it can be very dangerous for her. You could put some sort of planks of wood or mesh around it. It might not look very pretty but at least its safe We used books and pillows but we were inside. Those probably arent things you'd use outside
  3. You can get wire mesh screening and put that around the patio. Wrap it along the inside of the bars and attach it to the bars with some wire or string ties, if you want the dog to be able to go on the patio. Won't damage anything and you can take it down when you move.
  4. The baby gate is good, or use chicken wire around the bottom couple feet of the patio (on the interior) that she can't get through but can still stick a nose through.
  5. They actually make a very attractive material now, a type of garden fencing that is a mat made out of bamboo, you just unroll it, cut it to fit, and you can put it up with twisty ties or something similar, so it doesn't damage the existing patio, is weather proof, and will keep your baby safe. I'm guessing if you are in an apartment you are renting, you need to check with your landlord about anything you would do that would be more permanent. The bamboo looks a lot nicer than some other things like chicken wire or plastic fencing. I have it on the one side of my yard that is chain link for added privacy. It's pretty cheap too, you should be able to get it at any Lowes, Home Depot, or similar home improvement store. Good Luck! Vintage Collies
  6. may i suggest chicken wire or some kind of mesh? buy some chicken wire or something along those lines and attach it to the patio bars from the ground to about 3 feet up. no chihuahua could get through it i have a chihuahua and if that happened to him i would be so sad!
  7. there is a type of gardening fence that comes on a roll. you can unroll it and attatch it to the bars with string or something. It blends right in.
  8. Go to the garden center of Lowe's or Home Depot and purchase lattice It usually comes in white or wood tone. (made of vinyl or wood) You can cut it easily to size and secure it to the bars. It will look nice but to dress it up a little buy holders for small potted plants and secure them to the lattice. Or you can buy a vine plant, place it on one side and let it travel over and through the lattice.
  9. I also had to do this with my balcony. Go to a hardware store and purchase wire mesh. You can get chicken wire (though this has very sharp edges) or garden fencing, it comes in a roll in different heights. Roll it out around the bars on the balcony railing making sure that it touches the bottom of the patio. Attach it to the posts using zip ties (also purchased from the hardware store). I did every third post vertically and evey other horizontally. I used green coated wire mesh and "clear" zip ties. I thought it would be awful looking, but you actually can't tell from the street (I am also on second floor).