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What flowers belong in a country garden?

My husband and I moved into a house that has the ground work for a beautiful garden. It is split into two sections by a small white fence with a white trellis in the center and a pond in the corner. The house sat empty for two years so the garden is completely over grown. Im about to start the massive cleaning process but what kind of garden should I do? It has a fair mix of shaded and non shaded areas. I love Lillie's so I want plenty of them maybe some irises. Any ideas?


  1. I would research first with your local agri-life extension agent/Master Gardener program. They are also on line. They'll suggest inexpensive soil tests and based on those can advise you on soil preparation and native plants which are suited to the different areas of your garden. Full sun, shadier, wetter, dryer sections wil each have plants that will do the best there. Natural gardening will look the most countrified. Mixing in fruit trees, herbs, and vegetables will really make it practical, a mini farm of color and taste. Climbing roses can be trained along the fence and trellis, or wisteria; grapes would be fun. You'll want plants that come in and out of bloom at different times of the year, staggering heights and layering, to keep the garden full bodied all year long. The lillies and irises will fit in beautifully especially water lillies in the pond bordered by native grasses. Petunias, phlox, marigolds are soo typical country. Passion vine, honeysuckle will draw in the butterflies. Preparation and a basic visual plan are key. Wish I had started a journal when I began and clipped in all the tags from my plantings. Spacing properly is very important as plants grow and you alway happen upon some new find that you just have to fit in somewhere. Successful happy gardening evolves, is not an instant satisfaction thing. Local gardening clubs can be fun, usually there is food brought in decorated with edible flowers, plant exchange gifting. Weeding for me is a daily stress reliever. Have fun!