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what types of plants could i use?

im looking for ideas on flowers i can plant in an attempt to do some begginers landscaping. what tips or advice can you give someone who has never done this before?


  1. your best bet is to start with well known bedding plants go for the inexpensive ones to minimse loss of money. bedding plants are usually easy to look after just make sure you water them everyday. marigolds is a good starter.Goodluck with getting started
  2. It is impossible to say if you don't say what part of the world you are in.
  3. http://www.gomestic.com/Gardening/Brighten-Your-Garden-with-These-White-Perennials.120686 they are bright and easy to grow.. also try some veges too - peas.. tomatoes.. zuchini.. potatoes..carrots corn is tricky and requires a lot of room
  4. Start a compost pile! Add it each year. Never let new plants dry out, let them get established before you neglect them! :) Learn your climate- what zone you're in. I personally would start with perennials that are easy care. go to a nursery to get advice on easy care plants. with perennials you get more bang for the buck because they come back every year :) make sure you put the right plant in the right place, i.e full sun, shade, etc. also get plants that have the same needs and group the same plant together in clumps of 3's or 5's. towards the edges I'd put some annuals (one season plant) that way you can put something different in every year for variety, and during the colder part of the year you'd have some color if you use annuals that like cooler weather such as pansies. whatever you do, start small. start in one corner of the bed add some perennials at proper spacing for when they are mature- and build it every year. pick some perennials that blooms in spring (say columbine) and some that bloom in the other seasons for color throughout the year. don't be afraid to mix it up! put in a small shrub if the bed is big enough. Go get some books at your library to find what flowers you like and remember a garden is one thing that if you don't like what you've done- start over or redo it! Not too many things in life you can say that about! Good luck and good gardening! Have fun!
  5. you need to do several things before starting first you need to see what type of soil you have, you need to pick an area where you want your garden to be , you need to see what type of sun or shade you get in this area this will determine what plants you can place there .you also need to decide if you want to start with annuals or perennials you should watch this area if possible on a daily basis when you see if your area is sunny you buy sun loving plants if shady then you buy shade loving plants there are all types of [plants for each you need to start out with some cheaper ones first plant perennials in the fall for a almost care free garden marigolds do well for beginners as do impatiens,vinca portulaca salvia lillys all different types can be planted go to your local wal mart they always carry a wide variety of plants that are much cheaper then garden center most plants come with tags that will tell you what kind of conditions are needed and spacing when planting you can also start a garden of plants in containers good luck if more help is needed im just a click away gardening is a very happy and awarding thing to do its a great stress reliver go buy dig and have some fun planting
  6. Pansies are good, and very low matnince .