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Ideas for shade in my south facing garden, please?

I currently have a 30 foot tall birch tree and because of the damage its root system is about to cause, I have to cut it down. I am unable to sit in hot sun (UK!) so need some shade -I have considered a gazebo or pergola but wondered if you have an alternative idea!


  1. a cabanah... or gazibo...
  2. Try a roll shutter,the one`s that fasten above your out side window then it rolls down,also keeps sun from going into the room. Come in differenet sizes and are weather proof.
  3. You could make a living arbour; you'd plant a couple of whippy trees, perhaps willow, and in time as they grow taller, you bend them over to meet at the top. Depending on how far apart you plant them to begin with, the arbour could be big or small. And you could plant several each side and make it as deep or shallow as you like. There are fabulous walkways made like this of laburnum and other ornamental trees. They are amazing.
  4. A gazebo with a vine growing over it, this way you can pick grapes while sitting in the shade
  5. one of those blinds you pull out from the out side of your window,like a caravan awning