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Where do I find really nice landscaping ideas for my front and backyard in south Texas?

I live in South Texas and the weather is super hot. Ive picked up sereral magazines but I know every region is different with climate. I would like some ideas to boost curb appeal and I also would like to know whice plants would survive and look nice even with such hot weather. Any idea please...


  1. I'd go and hit up some the local farmers and also the Chamber of Commerce or the Agri man!
  2. use your local yellow pages, and find for one of those landscape company, they will give you more details, some don't charge for the estimate.
  3. I live in the Dallas area and understand the problem with the hot weather. Last year we replanted the flower beds in our front yard. I consulted a professional landscaper but could not afford him. I found a great book at our local Barnes and Noble in the home and garden section. I passed the book on to a friend and can't remember the title. I'm sure you can still find it at B&N. The book was about landscaping and was specifically written for our area, i.e. North and South Texas. It was priced under $30 and had many good pictures; planting layouts; a section on trees, shrubs and plants with pictures and descriptions. Finding a good local nursery is also a great way to learn about what works best in your area. Most local nurseries have plant experts on staff. Try to arrange a visit during the week when it's less busy so you don't have to compete with everyone else for their attention.
  4. I'm facing the same dilemma in the Austin area. My mother-in-law and I totally re landscaped her yard in Arkansas and the book we primarily used was called Creative Homeowner Southeast Home Landscaping. I looked in the back and they actually have one uniquely for Texas. The pictures design charts and detail is awesome for the do-it yourself-er. I plan to go and pick up a copy shortly!