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What r the best landscape ideas for around the front house?

I just bought a house in Georgia that sits up on a hill. I want to do something with the front lawn. One area that I want to focus on is the shrubs around the perimeter of the house. I need to get some ideas so what is a good website to look at photos. I hear there are certain things you shouldn't do since it is close to the house and can cause termites, and other bugs to get into the house. I want to choose the right thing (rocks vs mulch, right type of plants, etc.)


  1. Hey Just BN Me, Planning is the key! Take a plot plan with elevations and water flow arrows. Be sure to make note of your home gutters or drip guards. Try to form curves in your landscape, rounded edges adds powerful interest. Rocks (lava or granite) on landscape cloth will give the best weed protection, yet, allow you to put bushes protruding through the cloth. This will not prevent weeds, but will slow them down. In Georgia as with most of the south, Termites are a pervasive problem. It is not a question of if you get them, it is a question of when. Good prevention would include things like having a Termite insurance and possibly Centricon type system. At the corners of a home, I like to see a circular planting area protrude out slightly from the front and side, and you do sort of a curve from the circle to tie into the front and side. These are not drastic, just slight. You can prune your bushes to fit into these areas, and plant so that they will fill more quickly. Some ideas for bushes in the south: Knock out roses; Nandina (several varieties); Lorapetilum; Camellia (on the shady side, north); Rosemary Bush - (and you can eat what you prune off); azaleas; gardenias; to name a few. Take pictures of your home from the view(s) you care most about. Then superimpose plants with layers in a photo editor. There are landscape software packages to help with this, and they are under $40.00 The satisfaction you get from doing it right the first time may not be understood, until you get it wrong - they you wish you planned better (speaking from experience). Be sure to get the hardiness zone, watering requirements, sun exposure considerations for each plant right. Consider the height, size when fully grown - and can you prune that plant to be what you want in the future.