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What are some good ideas for black and white photography?

I'm taking a photography class and we develop black and white pictures from film cameras. I'm having trouble coming up with ideas for different pictures though. We have to be diverse with our subjects, like some plants, animals, portraits, landscapes, etc. I live near the beach and I have a cat. Thanks for any contribution!


  1. several pictures of different shadows
  2. On a cloudy day, towards sunset a black and white shot of the ocean's horizon makes a great pic. The glistening of the ocean's waves, and the reflective clouds really makes the scene pop. A rose with a subtle light directly behind it, makes the rose glow against a dark backdrop, and illuminates the shadows and folds. You could even induce a few petals to glisten with a few slight water drops. cats are always tricky with light, as their eyes always look creepy with flash photography. But catch it stretched up asleep among ruffled sheets, and it's always an aww shot. But be sure there's enough light to capture the riffled sheets, or else the black and white image will come out bland.
  3. Sometimes inspiration is hard to come by.I recommend looking at art sites that cater to photographers and there are lot of neat things you can learn there.My favorite are http://www.deviantart.com and http://www.lensculture.com/.
  4. If you live near the beach, try getting very ‘Low-level’ shots along the beach, just as the tide has gone out. Into the Sun and away from it, catching the ‘Ripples’ in the sand, before people start running over them. Position your camera as close the sand as possible. Reflections in ‘Rock Pools’ etc.
  5. someone surfing, or standing with a surfboard, facing you, but with the shadows on them, in the sunset
  6. do a landscape, invert the shades and the do b&w. it looks cool especially with snow
  7. If I am doing black and white photography, I like to choose things that have lots of intricate detail, since black and white seems to show that detail very well. For example, a macro shot of a flower or a leaf. The hair/fur on a cat might be interesting in B/W though I've never tried that.