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What are some ideas for taking photos in a small town?

I live in a very small town. We have parks around but they are nothing special. What are some ideas for creative pictures?


  1. It's not really creative if you have to ask, is it? Nevertheless, here's an idea: take pictures of ordinary things from an angle in which they aren't normally seen.
  2. ...You're VERY unclear here. Do you live in rural land? What type of photos are you into? What camera do you own? SLR or Point n' shoot?
  3. take a picture by a brick wall and edit it black and pick things that you want to have color on :D
  4. maybe a fence?.. shadow on sidewalk?.. tall houses, buildings,.. storm clouds,.. be creative a pic of your camera?..
  5. I live in a pretty small town and my project is called reliquary. It's based in the teachings of Meyerowitz that says by putting a box around something the photographer says "look at this, it is special." So the project is about what I'm calling "the private moments of everyday life in small town America." A reliquary is a decorative box to hold the remains of Saints. http://www.flickr.com/photos/vichiousfishes/
  6. try flowers, grass, sunshine.. bugs. anything from a point of veiw no one else usually looks at.
  7. Forget the environment. Look instead to the people around you. Get to know your fellow townsfolk and do a nice portrait series of them in their element. Have little stories to match the people in the images. Think of yourself as a photojournalist trying to peel back superficial layers of the town to get a story.
  8. 1. Landscape Shots. (a) Stand in the middle of the downtown street and take a picture of all the stores (b) Take pictures of the sky or sunrise/sunset over fields of corn (c) take picutres of farms (d) take pictures of a dirt road area you find interesting while standing in the middle of the dirt road 2. Macro Shots. Take close-ups of flowers, insects, birds, interesting detail on farms or buildings, etc. 3. Angle Shots. Take pictures of normal, everyday things from an angle most people don't see the things from. 4. Color Composition Shots. (a) Take pictures of simple objects with simple backgrounds with complementary or contrasting flowers (a simple example would be a red stop sign against a vibrant blue sky) (b) Find areas (ie: flower beds) where one color is used in many shades. 5. Animal Shots. Take pictures of farm animals or wild animals in your area. 6. People Shots. As long as you know the people or are far away from them, take pictures of people and try to capture emotion in your photos. 7. Antique / Old Fashioned Shots. Find things that look old (old trucks, rusty tractors, etc) and take pictures of them. Take black-and-white shots for an even more old fashioned look. 8. Search for Shapes. Find objects that are a certain shape (like hearts) and take pictures of them then make a collage. 9. Yourself. Place yourself in settings with cool backgrounds and take some self-portraits. 10. Vehicles. Take pictures of vehicles. Interesting ones. Colorful ones. Moving ones. Parked ones. 11. Indoor Shots. Take pictures of interesting objects inside your home. 12. Props. Get some friends together and bring some fun props (baloons, umbrellas, beach balls, cowboy boots, a sprinkler, etc.) and have a fun photo shoot. I hope those ideas help get you started. Have fun!