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What are some ideas for wedding party pictures?

My friend is getting married in January, and as her maid of honor, I've been asked to get ideas for the wedding party pictures to be held after the ceremony. Living in a suburban town and lacking an extravagant landscape, what are some ideas for a location for bridesmaids and groomsmen pictures? The wedding party members are all in their early to mid-twenties, so we're looking for a cute, rather silly approach to the photoshoot. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.


  1. a playground! it would be easy to be silly & still look cute! plus being in the middle of january you won't have a ton of kids hanging around.
  2. Look at the galleries on facesphotography.net for clever ideas. This is an expensive studio that specializes in photojournalism and magazine style shooting. Also, plan to do all photos BEFORE the wedding. About 70% of couples do this now, including the ones together. This gives you a couple hours to get them done right and not be rushed. Most agree it is the most romantic and relaxing part of the whole day to be alone for a while before the ceremony having pics done. After "I do" you can go straight into party mode without rushing through portraits. TRUST experience.
  3. 1.) A candy shop. Lollipop licking, bubble-gum blowing, cool background, etc. 2.) A roller rink. Get them in skates...if you know they won't wreck their formal wear! 3.) A museum. All kinds of exhibits and displays. Or a historic hotel or other building. 4.) Rent a vintage car, police car, firetruck, or sleigh. Go to the town firehall. 5.) In someone's yard (I.e. with snowmen, holiday lights, etc.) Most towns and small cities have at least one of these places, unless you live in the absolute boonies. ;) Good luck and have fun!
  4. OOOO Have a snowball fight and get different scarves for every one!! Or one building a snow man!!
  5. A local park, a nice hotel lobby, a golf course, an open field, the ceremony venue itself - just because you're in a small town, don't limit the creativity of the photos. Mainly, be relaxed and have fun - capturing the candid moments (hugging the bride, laughing at an inside joke, lounging around) are some of the best photos to be had. There are TONS of wedding photographers online that share their photos, try to search through those and make note of the ones you and your friend like and communicate to the photographer so he/she can get the images you want. Good luck!