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Anyone got any decorating ideas for my trailer?

I got a trailer, and I need some ideas.... interior, exterior, landscaping, ANYTHING!! plz help!! huh?!?!?! camping trailer?? no! a house trailer.... mobile home!


  1. do a pond in some area outside you can get a pond kit at lowes or home depot and get some cool plants to put around it..get some cheap gold fish and there you go for the landscaping...inside paint the walls..use candles and those glass beads in clear bowls..they look cool...do pictures of your family down one wall make sure you use the same frame..whether its a big frame or small one...same color etc. do themes in your rooms...ocean in the living room...south west in the kitchen..or whatever you like...that way you can display your knickknacks ...do white or another color shelf in your kitchen to display kitchen ware that is neat to you i had teapots on two wooden shelfs they were about three feet long the exact same shelf...and i had five teapots displayed on them...i had glass bottles along the top of my cabinets i had well over 300 different colors etc...you could do plants or a nice bowl and a wine bottle...i collect corks from wine and i have them in a clear vase...there are all kinds of things you can do..give me more examples of what you want to do in what rooms..right now im repainting my house..room by room..and although most wouldnt pick the colors we did..we picked them from the exterior selection..because they are muted colors they are bold..and kinda not so bright..but they fit us...good luck and congrats
  2. Is it like a camping trailer? There is a group of women that have a cowgirl trailer club. Everything in the trailer is done in vintage cowgirl. Is that what you're talking about? Good luck!