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Where is a really beautiful spot in utah to hold an outdoor wedding?

I'm getting married October 2, 2010 and I need some ideas on a place in Utah that would be a good area to hold an outdoor wedding. I've looked at a few places but I wanted to know if anyone else had any ideas?


  1. There are several places in Provo Canyon (Bridal Veil Falls, Vivian Park), or a there's a place in Provo Canyon near those other parks that's a bit more secluded. My brother got married there, I was his photographer so I can show you photos if you're interested. I don't know what your budget is so I'll just ramble off various places I can think of. Memory Grove in Salt Lake City is very gorgeous (there's even a reception center there). Jensen Nature Park in Syracuse is very pretty. Castle Ridge Gardens in Sandy is also very pretty and has amazing landscaping. Draper Historic Park is absolutely gorgeous and there have been some beautiful weddings there. Plus it's a city park so it's fairly cheap to rent. Antelope Island is gorgeous, but don't know how it be for a reception with a lot of people, plus bugs might be a problem. Wheeler Farm (in Murray I believe) is a wonderful place. This is the Place Heritage Park in Salt Lake is also so gorgeous! Gardner Village in Midvale is quite lovely as well. International Peace Garden in Salt Lake City is quite a beautiful place. If you're concerned about weather and want the feel of an outdoors venue, Cactus and Tropical in Draper is a great place for a wedding, or many other nurseries would be a good idea too. Good luck!